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Rural Halifax Working Group

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There are many communities that are part of Halifax and yet exist beyond the boundaries of the 'burbs'. Many of these are even quite 'rural' in nature. It is a contrast to be sure, and one that sometimes brings up quite a bit of conflict. Many people who have lived in these communities for a long time still think of themselves as part of the old county, and do not like 'Halifax' telling them what to do.

Yet, there is a real opportunity here for something like the media coop (wish we could drop the Halifax part of the name). People really want to connect and learn, and develop their communities. And yet also retain their unique character.

One challenge to follow is the province's promise to bring high speed internet access to all households in Nova Scotia by end 2009. Believe it or not, there are still road just a half hour from Halifax where people at the head of the inlet have access and those closer to the point don't. This is a huge issue in these communities. Others include: jobs, education, recreation, the environment, water & sewer, infrastructure like sidewalks, tourism, community services, and developments for seniors so they can stay in the communities they've lived in all their lives as they get older.

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