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Bill 81 to proceed despite opposition

Local activists speak against finger criminalizing trans and other communities

by Alex Colgan

Bill 81, which will require individuals legally changing their name to be finger printed, will be passed into law without amendments suggested by Halifax activists. 

Three presentations were made to the Law Amendments Committee on November 28. Kevin Kindred of the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP), Kaley Kennedy, and Jake Feldman, were among those who voiced strong opposition to the Identification of Criminals act. They argued that the act will criminalize trans people and people fleeing abuse.

"The requirement for people to fingerprint in order to make very important life change which is changing their name when they are transitioning their gender is very intrusive" Kindred said after the NSRAP presentation. "All three presentations challenged the government to find less intrusive ways of what we all recognize as an important goal, which is protecting the safety of Nova Scotians, but to do so in a way that's minimally intrusive of an individual's dignity".

Bill 81 is expected to increase wait times due to administrative changes, as well as adding $25 to the $152.02 for a name change. Names changes will no longer be published in a public format.

All three presenters seemed to agree that no consultation was made before the Bill was brought to the Nova Scotia legislature. 

"Speaking on behalf of a group that tends to be one of the ones consulted when things like this come cup, I feel it's a pretty good indication there was no consultation" Kindred noted. 

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Non Issue Issue

Good!  The fact that this was made an issue is absurd.  No offense to the Trannsexual community - but please, you're making it seem like htis law is out to stigmitize you.  Its not.  Thats BS.  I don't want Johnny-raped-an-8yr old boy to disappear from the system once released from jail so he can molest other kids.  

You people need to find something better to waste your time with


Connexion utilisateur

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