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Who supports the postal workers?

by Melissa Albiani

After a walk through the North End of Halifax, and seeing these posters up on every 3rd house.  Community solidarity with the locked out postal workers was obvious!
These posters, and flyers were distributed by local community members.  They spread the word before the workers were even locked out.  Print a poster!  http://supportpostalworkers.wordpress.com/materials/
Harper vs. the Postal Workers.  Which side are you on?   The community continues to support the postal workers until they've reached a fair agreement with Canada Post.
It was community members who organized the rally on June 16th, and the solidarity dance party on June 17th.  Volunteers walked the picket line, made food and coffee for the postal workers.
Other posters read "Maternity Leave:  Brought to you by Striking Postal Workers."
The June 18th rally was organized by the labour council, who also escorted workers back to the job yesterday.
 "CUPW has been legislated back to work in the past and that has not stopped us from continuing our struggle for justice and dignity. The government cannot legislate away our solidarity and determination." - CUPW website.
Megan Leslie supports the postal workers!

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Community members in Halifax seem to understand that the postal workers struggle is their struggle too.  Community solidarity with CUPW has been strong in this city, and supporters say they will continue their fight for job security and labour rights alongside postal workers.   

A poster and pamphlet campaign was organized by local supporters to spread the word even before the lockout happened.  On June 16th, the community-led rally outside the Almon Street Canada Post Office was full of volunteers walking the picket line, barbequing, and making hot coffee for the rainy days.  The day after, a solidarity dance party was planned, again by supporters.  Speeches were made by supporting labour unions such as the CAW, and other labour activists.  Saturday it was the labour council who organized the rally, and they also helped escort postal workers into the plant yesterday after they were legislated back to work.

For posters and pamphlets, go to  http://supportpostalworkers.files.wordpress.com.

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