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Citizens to Rally in Halifax Against Fracking on Earth Day

Citizens to Rally in Halifax Against Fracking on Earth Day

Tatamagouche, NS--Citizens from across Nova Scotia will converge on the NS legislature on Earth Day, April 22, 2011, to call for a ban on fracking.

"Fracking threatens air, water and quality of life," said Michale Jensen, a resident on the North Shore. "There is no better day than Earth Day to launch our demand for a ban."

Fracking is a process used to extract natural gs from shale layers. The Government of Nova Scotia has issued exploration licenses for more than 2.3 million hectares.

New Jersey and New York States, the Province of Quebec and France have issued bans or moratoriums on fracking. Cities such as Pittsburg and Buffalo have issued bans and refuse to accept the toxic wastewater. In Nova Scotia, Inverness County Council passed a resolution supporting a province-wide ban on fracking.

We know that the Government of Nova Scotia has announced an internal review of fracking," said Meghan MacCulloch. "Its just a diversion. How can you ever justify injecting mutagens, carcinogens, endocrine disrupters and other toxic chemicals into the ground? We need to stop exploration now. A ban is the only logical response.

"The government keeps talking about best practices. There is no best way to contaminate the environment. This is our message on Earth Day."

Every week new evidence comes to light on the health and environmental damages caused by fracking. Last week a Cornell University study that indicates that natural gas from shale may produce more greenhouse gases than coal.

The rally in Halifax will take place from 1pm to 2pm in front of legislature. Citizens will be attending from Cape Breton, the Valley, the North Shore and New Brunswick. More information can be found on the facebook page: "Rally to Stop Fracking in Nova Scotia."

Contact: Michael Jensen: 902.351.2739

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Bring jars of water to show what's at stake!

I grew up in Margaree. My parents always taught me that although we were not rich, we were incredibly lucky because we had something so much more valuable: clean water.

The only thing I regret is that we were *lucky* to have clean water; every living thing in the world should have clean water.

Bring a jar of water to the rally on Friday, Good Friday. Show legislature what is at risk if we continue to allow industry to take precedence over the health of our natural resources, by delivering to our representatives samples of the most precious one.

Also, come to Veith House from 3-6:30 tomorrow (Thursday) to make banners and posters to show Halifax's support for our fellow Nova Scotians in Tatamagouche, Lake Ainslie, and all across the province who are fighting fracking, fighting irresponsible oil and gas exploration, fighting destructive extraction. Join the battle for water!


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