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posted by Moira Peters in on janv. 28, 2011 - View profile


Dinner and a Movie

Desperately Seeking Susan

Dimanche Janvier 30 2011

Venue: Roberts Street Social Centre
Cost: $10/person

Dinner and a Movie is back!  Make your reservations now for a home-cooked Sunday night dinner, followed by a great movie.

This week: Daina Tavenier and Sam Kinsley will show Desperately Seeking Susan, and serve with grilled cheese with veggie chips and pickles.

From the hosts: Come for fancy grilled cheese (ham optional) with veggie chips and pickles at 6pm. Then at 7pm we will watch what has been called Madonna's only worthwhile film performance. "Meet me, 6 o'clock, Roberts Street. Keep the faith. Love, Sam and Daina." 

Dinner is at 6pm, and the movie starts around 7pm.  It costs $10/person, and reservations are required!  Reserve a spot by emailing semaphorecinema@gmail.com

If you would like to host a night here's the scoop:  Hosts get a $45 food budget, and must cook enough to feed 10 guests, plus the cooks. The host gets to choose the meal, and the movie!  If you can, please let us know if there will be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free options available.  Hosts are also expected to help clean up after the meal.  Let us know if you want to host a night by emailing semaphorecinema@gmail.com


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