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posted by Robert DeVet in on janv. 26, 2015 - View profile


Town Hall Discussion on Income Assistance

- 8:30pm
Mercredi Février 4 2015

Venue: Johanna B Oosterveld Centre
Address: 2109 Gottingen

Who: People on Social Assistance will be invited to give their opinions on how social assistance policy affects them, what needs to change, and how they can be part of informing that change. Community Organizations will report on what they have learned about the government’s benefit reform project. 

What: The government intends to reform the Employment Support and Income Assistance Program for Social Assistance recipients. To date government has not asked people on social assistance or others in community to contribute or give ideas for change.  We think this is a backward way of doing things

Where:  Johanna B Oosterveld Centre, 2109 Gottingen St, Halifax

When: 6:30 PM, Wednesday, February 4

Why:  The government is not interested in listening to people on assistance, the Community Organizations that support them and Community Activists. We want social assistance reform to include what those affected view as needing to change.

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Topics: Poverty
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