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posted by maxwellc in on avr. 1, 2010 - View profile

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Negotiating the Climate Change Web

A community vision

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Samedi Mai 29 2010

Venue: Kenneth Rowe Building, Dalhousie Campus

Negotiating the Climate Change Web: A Community Vision

Sunday, May 29th 11am-5pm in the Kenneth Rowe Building on Dalhousie Campus.

Attendance is open to the public.

This innovative gathering is an opportunity to bring together Nova Scotian stakeholders - including government, NGOs and the public - to discuss the interrelationships between trade, environment, society and climate change. It is about engaging the abilities and experience of community members.

Details on the event layout here:



Details on presenters and keynote to come, google group will be updated regularly.

Organizer:Coalition for Climate Action

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Topics: Environment
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I would love to participate in the workshop. How can this be made possible?


Not Sure

  Other than a passing announcement at the G8 Event Planning meeting I picked this up from, I can not find any other references to it.   I have sent an email asking them to followup here with more details.   I am terribly sorry if it turns out they cancelled it and I did not get the word.   Hopefully it is still on, and just advertised through their own channels.

Where is this taking place?

Where is this taking place?

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