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posted by maxwellc in on avr. 1, 2010 - View profile

Halifax, Nova Scotia

International Peasants Day

Samedi Avril 17 2010 (Toute la journée)

Venue: Mainland Commons
Address: Quinpool and Robie
Cost: Free

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Say "No!" to Corporate Control of Agriculture! Celebrate Local Food!

April 17th
On the Commons

International Peasant's Day in support of Via Campesina
and Food Sovereignty
Also in solidarity with G8 protests in Halifax

11:00am- March starting at the Farmer's Market (Lower Water St.)
Bring instruments, banners, placards, friends & family!

12:00pm- Celebration on the North Commons
Free Food, Speakers, Information, entertainment, drum circle, puppets, face painting, guerrilla gardening & goats!

Speakers include: Gerard Choplin - Via Campesina European Coordination
Members of the National Farmers Union
Local Food Activists

International peasant day is a day to celebrate local, sustainable food and oppose a world food system run by agri-business. This day was founded by La Via Camesina; a group representing small and medium sized producers, landless, rural women, indigenous people, rural youth and agricultural workers. They are a proponent of food sovereignty, and of peoples' right to self-determination of their food systems.

Current food systems oppress peasants, farmers and consumers locally as much as they do globally. Local farmers struggle to make a living while poor families can't afford to eat healthy. Canadian and Nova Scotian governments have prioritized corporate profits and GMO mono-crops over sustainability and local well-being. These policies are rooted in the broader policy prescriptions of the G8, of which Canada is a member state. The G8 development ministers are meeting in Halifax, April 26th to 28th. April 17th is an opportunity to support small-scale farmers worldwide, protest an unsustainable world food system, and celebrate local alternatives.

Join us in this celebration!

For more information please visit: viacampesina.org/en/


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Endorsed by: Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Council of Canadians, National Farmers Union, Via Campesina, Food Not Bombs,KAFCA (Kings), CAF (Dal), Food Action Commitee, ACORN,  NSPRIG Dal, NSPRIG SMU, Grainery Coop, Friends of the Commons, GPI Atlantic



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