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posted by Robert DeVet in on avr. 2, 2013 - View profile


Day of Action to Stop GM Alfalfa - Wolfville, Nova Scotia

rally to educate and support farmers and citizens of the Annapolis Valley

- 1:00pm
Mardi Avril 9 2013

Venue: Scott Brison Constituency Office
Address: 24 Harbourside Dr., Suite 101A Railtown Building Wolfville, NS B4P 2C1

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Please join me for a rally to educate and support farmers and citizens of the Annapolis Valley and Nova Scotia, in a crusade to STOP the approval of genetically modified alfalfa (this is hay, and a primary source of feed for livestock). There will be a petition to sign in support of this movement! 

Bring your banners and posters. Bring your voices and signatures. Together we can stop the release of GM alfalfa in Canada!!!!

Please share this event with your friends in the area!

CHECK OUT www.cban.ca/april9 for FULL details on this NATIONAL day of action!!

Why is Stopping GM Alfalfa Urgent? Monsanto’s GM alfalfa could be registered for use in Eastern Canada this April. GM Roundup Ready alfalfa varieties have just been cleared for the last step before they hit the market – all they need now is a final registration rubber-stamp by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The Canadian Seed Trade Association and its corporate members including Monsanto, Pioneer and Forage Genetics International are also actively trying to get support for the release of GM alfalfa.

Because alfalfa is a perennial plant that is pollinated by bees, genetically modified alfalfa will inevitably cross-pollinate with non-GM and organic alfalfa, threatening the livelihoods of family farmers across Canada. Prairie farmers have already rejected GM alfalfa for these reasons so now the industry is trying to introduce GM alfalfa in Eastern Canada.

This call for action was issued by the National Farmers Union-Ontario.


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