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Fracking Wastes, Windsor, and Relying On the Provincial Government

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This blog is meant to be read in association with the story, Return Of the Banned Fracking Wastes

Town of Windsor staff have said that before they will consider accepting fracking wastes again they “need more direction from the regulator, Nova Scotia Environment.” This is a clear echo of the criticism of insufficient direction and support given by Colchester County in their decision.  And at the minimum, the Town is not simply going on the fact that they already have the requisite approvals from Nova Scotia Environment to proceed, and have previous experience with this.

On the other hand, there was a great deal of skepticism expressed from within the Munipality of Colchester even before the public was aware of the process there. By contrast, I do not see that skepticism in my own conversations with Windsor staff. And the need for ‘more direction’ from the province is stated as if they will not question a clearer statement from the regulator that it supports discharging the wastes into a municipal sewage treatment plant.

For the Environment department’s track record as a regulator see Is There a Regulator in the House?  and NDP Government Gives Fracking Waste Handler Free Ride 

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