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Minutes from May 13 HMC Organzing Meeting

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Present: Dave, Ben, Felix, Hillary

Agenda: The Future of the Tide

The launch of the Dominion's special issue is on June 3 and is focused on the G8/G20.  Because of printing deadlines Halifax coverage of the G8 was not included.  Felix suggested the HMC do up a broadsheet to be inserted into the spcecial issues in Halifax that would feature HMC coverage of the G8 and related issues. 

Everyone agreed this was a good idea. 


How will we pay for this? 
- It costs $267 for 500 copies, $334 for 1000 copies (on the thicker recycled paper we printed the first issue on)
- Hillary will find out how much it would cost to print it on regular 11x17 paper. 
- There's the possibility of getting union funding.  How do people feel about this?
   - some concerns about self-censorship or the Tide being seen as a union publication.  People also don't see being associated with unions as a bad thing and think it's important to be able to get the Tide printed.
   - people would prefer if the Tide was paid through sustainers, but it will take awhile to build up    to this. 
   - union advertising is in line with the Dominion's advertising policy but the HMC can decide to have a different one. 
   - perhaps some Tides could have union advertising, but not all of them.
   - We could approach is as sponsorship so unions get their logo in the Tide in return for support but it's not based on advertising rates etc, more supporting the project.
  - would also be good to work with unions more to reach out to their membership base, tell them about the HMC, encourage them to become sustainers, distribute the Tide...but first we have to be able to print it.
  - Felix might be able to print something for free, but it would be on legal size paper, which would mean reformatting layout. 

If we do print it, what will be included?

- It will depend on the size of what we print...
- Thought that the articles that have been written should be shortened so we can include more (a total of 1600 words).  Possibly articles proposed were: the one on the march, the one on gentrification, one of the FLAP articles, the one on the tar sands activists, the May Day article...
- Also, lots of photos!
- Little 'bites' of other articles on the site with directions to go the the HMC site for more details.
- Update on Toni McAffi's arrest

Who will do the work?

    - Hillary is currently quite swamped with financial stuff and membership month stuff.  She is eager to help, but can't take on the bulk of it.
    - Jess R. and Jonathan R have both volunteered to help with layout.
    - Felix is keen.
    - Who else would like to be on a committee to make this happen?

Special General Meeting Conference Call

- Resolution to modify articles of incorporation to clarify non-profit status...PASSED!

Hillary Bain Lindsay
Managing Editor
Dominion Newspaper Cooperative
902 444 4546

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