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N.S. gives $1.5M to 2010 Olympics

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This is pretty crazy...


N.S. gives $1.5M to 2010 Olympics and receives some perks
Last Updated: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | 9:09 AM AT
CBC News

Nova Scotia will contribute $1.5 million to the Vancouver Winter
Olympics in 2010, for which the province will receive some perks, such
as logo use and hotel rooms set aside and VIP tickets.

The sponsorship also bought the province the right to send local
artists to the cultural Olympiad, events consisting of artistic
performances and exhibitions. As well, a "Nova Scotia Day" will be
held during the Games.

The province now has the right to use the Olympic logo in promotional materials.

Toby Koffman, spokesman with the Nova Scotia Health Promotion and
Protection Department, said the $1.5 million is money well spent.

"We get all kinds of benefits to promote investment in business, in
tourism, and all avenues of the Nova Scotia economy," Koffman said.

The sponsorship means hotel rooms have been set aside for the
provincial government's delegations, and 200 Olympic event tickets and
four VIP tickets for Nova Scotia's premier, Rodney MacDonald, have
also been reserved.

The cost of airfare and the hotel rooms is not included.

Much of Nova Scotia's $1.5-million contribution to the Games is
earmarked for the Own the Podium program to train athletes.

The $110-million program, designed to help Canada become the No. 1
nation in terms of medals won at the 2010 Olympics, and to place Top 3
at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games,

In a separate deal, Atlantic premiers have also agreed to cost share
an Atlantic pavilion at the Games to promote the tourism, culture and
business interests in the region.

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