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From the Margins on CKDU 88.1 FM presents ... feature on Tent City

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From the Margins, CKDU 88.1 FM, every Monday night from 8pm - 9pm

hosted by Asaf Rashid

This Monday October 18th episode features a conversation with Tent City organizers. Additionally expect some sounds and voices from the Tent City. 

About From the Margins ...

FTM operates on the understanding that social problems are mainly rooted in the socioeconomic system, capitalism, through which social relations are controlled. The show features live and recorded interviews, recordings of presentations and all that good stuff. For the most part, the show focuses on local / regional issues, but will venture outwards in the case of events that resonate nationally / globally, such as the economic crisis.

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Post the show?

Hey Asaf,

Can you post the show after it airs?


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