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Blaming the Victim of Sexual Assault

Carleton University's comments elicit grassroots response

by Jane Kirby

Carleton University in Ottawa
Carleton University in Ottawa

CKDU News Collective
August 19, 2009

HALIFAX - Carleton University's recent comments towards a court case from 2007 has campuses across the country in an uproar.

A woman known only as 'Jane Doe' was sexually assaulted while working after hours in a lab on Carlton University campus. Jane Doe believes the University did not take sufficient responsibility in ensuring the safety of it's female students, and sued the University.

In the midst of the recently settled case, the University stated, “the victims injuries were caused or contributed to by the plaintiff, through her own negligence. She was not keeping a proper look out for her own safety.”

The assault drew attention to rampant sexual violence on campuses. A group of students called The Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Center formed in response. They are calling for the university to establish a sexual assault centre, and to retract it's comments.

In this episode of Operation Wake Up, CKDU News Collective host Jane Kirby interviewed Julie Lalonde of the Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre.

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This is my shocked face


Of course, the Mariott hotel chain said much the same thing after a woman was raped in front of her children in their parking lot.


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