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PINKWASHED: Deconstructing Pink Imperialism

- 6:00pm
Friday March 16 2012

Venue: Just Us Cafe
Address: 5896 Spring Garden Rd.
Cost: FREE
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

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Part of Israeli Apartheid Week 2012

Is the Alberta Tar Sands REALLY promoting queer rights? Are the well-being of queer and trans folks globally intrinsically tied to Israeli state security or American foreign policy? Homonormative gay & lesbian organizations have fought hard to better incorporate queer people into mainstream society. An unintended consequence of these efforts has been the rise of dubious claims by corporations, governments and faith leaders about what serves the interests of the queer community.

What are queer interests and issues? How can we evaluate claims of support for queer peoples? Pinkwashing 101 is an interactive discussion-based workshop that asks difficult questions about the state of queer politics and the complications present in players outside our communities using our identities in political discourse. This workshop is queer-centric but all are welcome to attend.

Facilitator: Evan Coole Evan Coole is a radical educator with a background in campus and community organizing. His past work has largely revolved around economic justice, international solidarity and challenging racism & classism within queer organizations. For passion & money he works developing queer & trans programming for the AIDS Coalition of Cape Breton. He's also heading up a community organizing drive of tenants in downtown Sydney but that one's just for passion. He is originally from Glace Bay, a former coal mining town and comes from a long line of mine union activists and commies on his mother's side.

After the workshop, we invite you to continue informal discussion, location TBA. Please spread the word, and invite folks you think may be interested! We have up to 30 spots available, so please RSVP as soon as possible, by going to the Google Doc posted below!

Once you RSVP, you will be sent more information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_GB&formkey=dEV1VjU3Qz...

Organizer:Halifax Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, quaiahalifax@gmail.com

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Pinkwashed Postponed


Hi everybody,
I am so sorry to have to do this, but the workshop has had to be postponed, as the facilitator became very ill. I'm really sorry folks, but unfortunately it can't be helped. I'm going to have to look into switching the rooms around, but we're hoping for tentatively next week, same time. That's Friday the 16th of March, 3-6pm, with a debrief after. 
I hope this will work for everyone, and sorry again about the inconvenience. But hey, that gives us 1 more week to spread the word!
- Adriane

dang, i wish i was in hfx for

dang, i wish i was in hfx for this! feel better and i hope i hope it goes well! <3

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