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posted by Asaf Rashid on Oct 14, 2010 - View profile


Living Theory: discussions in the red zone

Nocturnal sedition ... critique of the creative city

Sunday October 17 2010

Venue: Roberts Street Social Centre, inside and upstairs
Address: 5684 Roberts St.
Cost: free!

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Theory by Fire lit it up for the summer, generating rich discussion  -- other than cake, the only kind of rich that's acceptable --  about the current meaning of Marxist concepts. And although the originators of the idea are moving onto other projects, there has been significant interest in keeping the fire going. The idea has shifted heads -- though not spirit --  so a name shuffle is in order. It will henceforth be titled "Living Theory: discussions in the red zone". For this fine Sunday night, a day after Nocturne, the "night of the arts", and with the shadow of a tent city in the background, here's a bit of thought provoking, creative interjection ...

Max Haiven on the "creative city" ... followed by discussion.

Feel free to bring drinks


As governments cut programs and corporations cut jobs, politicians and bureaucrats are trumpeting "creativity" and "culture" as the saviours of our economy and society.  Big events like Nocturne or Toronto's Nuit Blanche  publicize these high hopes, but whose interests do they really serve?  With corporations rushing to brand these events as their own and with urban infrastructure and social programs falling apart, its time to take a hard look at who the "creative economy" is working for, and who is working for the "creative economy."  This presentation will link the new hype about creativity to gentrification to foreclosures to the crisis of capitalism and what we can do about it.  Real creativity is the ability to make meaningful change for social justice.

* Stay tuned for announcements of other upcoming discussions from Living Theory


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Date correction ...

I accidentally posted Saturday October 16th yesterday. It's actually on the next night. Fixed now.

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