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posted by Robert DeVet on Oct 15, 2015 - View profile


Emergency Rally: Rise For Palestine

- 6:30pm
Friday October 16 2015

Venue: Grand Parade

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Throughout the last three weeks we've seen an escalation of Israeli violence carried out by the occupation army and armed settlers against the Palestinian people. In this short timespan more than 30 Palestinians were murdered in cold blood by soldiers and settlers. Homes in Gaza were bombed and hundreds have been arrested during protests against the illegal occupation. 

Yet, little to no coverage of this has been made. No intervention has been made to stop Israel from violating International Law. On the contrary, our Canadian government continues to reward Israel with unconditional support. 

The people of Palestine have risen to stand up for their rights. Join us in supporting their resistance and struggle for liberation. We will not reamin silent as Israel continues its campaign of murder and collective punishment while enjoying the support of our government.

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