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posted by Miles Howe on Jan 26, 2015 - View profile


Public Forum on Energy East

- 6:00pm
Monday January 26 2015

Venue: Halifax Central Library Spring Garden Rd, Halifax NS Outside the Halifax Central Library

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Action: Rally/Forum outside the new library. Fifteen-foot banner that says “Energy East = Climate Change”. Twenty-foot banner with an awesome map of the pipeline route. People writing, photographing, and posting their concerns to the NEB on social media. Outreach to passers-by.

What: A public forum on the proposed Energy East pipeline to discuss the project and call attention to the National Energy Board’s exclusionary and flawed review process.

Why: The Chair of the National Energy Board is in Halifax on Monday to begin his ‘National Outreach Initiative,’ but will not be holding open meetings about the Energy East Pipeline. If they did, they would hear how many Canadians want them to include climate change in their review of the project. We are holding our own public meeting and inviting the Chair, Peter Watson, to attend. 

Who: Stop The Energy East Pipeline Halifax is a local community working in partnership with First Nations, affected landowners, and environmental advocacy groups across the country to prevent the construction of the proposed Energy East tar sands pipeline. Peter Watson is the Chair of the National Energy Board - the group tasked with reviewing the pipeline. He will be in Halifax on Monday.

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