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posted by Robert DeVet in on Jan 4, 2015 - View profile


Vagabond Scholars’ Lodge meetup

- 6:00pm
Saturday January 10 2015

Venue: The Company House
Address: 2202 Gottingen Street

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The Radical Imagination Project is looking forward to hosting a casual and informal gathering of scholar activists from 4-6pm at the Company House on January 10.

If you're like us, work in the neoliberal, neocolonial university is isolating, alienating, heartbreaking and exhausting. The struggle against capitalism, colonialism, heteropatriarchy and white-supremacy in the classroom, in the institution and in society at large is taking its toll on our bodies and spirits. Most of us find Halifax a difficult and infuriating place to work as educators, thinkers and organizers.

So we want to create a space and time to come together, to build solidarity, to relax and to open up the possibility of new collaborations,support structures and relationships. No speeches, no talks, no pressure. If you consider yourself a scholar-activist, you're welcome to join us.

The bar will be open to serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (we'll revisit the question of location for future events). Children are welcome. The event is free, though we'll collect money for childcare (email maxhaiven[at]riseup[dot]net if you need childcare). Those of us who are senior/permanent/full-time should buy drinks, etc. for the more precarious among us. 

We look forward to seeing you!

And also: friends are welcome too.

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Topics: Education
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