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posted by Robert DeVet in on Jun 1, 2013 - View profile


Community Consultation with African-Nova Scotians

- 8:00pm
Tuesday June 4 2013

Venue: Graham Creighton Junior High School
Address: 72 Cherry Brook Rd., Cherry Brook

Halifax Regional Municipality wants to hear from black residents.

The municipality’s African-Nova Scotian Affairs Integration Office will host five community consultations to give people of African descent an opportunity to speak about their experiences with municipal services.
The information gathered will help the office determine what kind of structure it needs “to be most helpful, most useful to the communities.

Afterwards, the information from each meeting will be ana¬lyzed and the office will return to the communities in October for further sessions to discuss what steps have been taken since the consultations.

Halifax’s black affairs office was set up last year as part of the the 2010 Africville redress deal.

Africville is the former community in north-end Halifax that was razed in the late-1960s in the name of urban renewal. The land, formerly Seaview Park, is a national heritage site.

Under another term of the out-of-court settlement between the city and the Africville Genealogy Society, the name of the park has been changed back to Africville.



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