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posted by Asaf Rashid in on Feb 19, 2013 - View profile


The Working Class: still the Frankenstein it always was...but with some re-engineering

- 4:00pm
Saturday March 2 2013

Venue: Sad Rad
Address: 5820 Young Street (on top of National Radiator)
Cost: free and complimentary coffee as well
Accessibility: unfortunately not

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The working class...does it still matter? What about the "revolutionary force" it was once characterized as having?

Well, the working class is still kicking. It is still the monster produced by Capital and as long the capitalist system exists, so does this monster that can destroy it, albeit with some significant re-constitution of its body to serve the interests of the system.

This presentation will uncover some basics on early ideas about the working class and its character, and will explain its revolutionary nature and changing shape and definition as capitalism and antagonism against it have co-evolved up to the present. Finally, we will spend about half the presentation examining current possibilities, exploring the idea of the revolutionary worker.

Join us for the presentation and discussion


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