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posted by Steve Caines in on Apr 30, 2009 - View profile


Workshop/Seminar on Environmental Ethics

Monday May 11 2009

Venue: Tatamagouche Centre
Cost: Cost: $390 ($235 tuition + $155 meals/accommodation)

Stephen Bede Scharper on Creation, Liberation and the Common Good: The Heart of the Human Project.

What is the goal of "civilization" if its thrust forward leaves behind the world's ecosystems and a large percentage of our children as veritableroadkill?

What on earth are we doing? Environmental ethicist Stephen Bede Scharper explores the Option for the Poor and the Option for the Earth – the connections and common ground between liberation and ecology. Following last year’s highly successful “Hope in a Time of Climate Change”, this year Stephen reflects on the framework of both a theology of liberation, as espoused by Gustavo Gutierrez, and the new cosmology, as proposed by Thomas Berry. As we unmask the foundational questions raised by our global environment and poverty crises, we are faced with the question of our human vocation, what is the “Heart of the Human Project?” Join us to build hope, and become empowered, not paralyzed, amidst the sobering reality of global climate change and global poverty.

Monday, May 11, 2:00 pm to Wednesday, May 13, 1 pm


Stephen Bede Scharper

Stephen is an Associate Professor of Environmental Ethics, Centre for Environment, University of Toronto, and the Department of Anthropology (UTM). A widely published essayist and popular lecturer, he is Faith and Ethics columnist for the Toronto Star, and author of Redeeming the Time; A Political Theology of the Environment.

Wilf Bean

Wilf is part of the Program Resource Group at Tatamagouche Centre, and has also served as the Centre’s Program Director. He is an associative staff with Coady International Institute, St. FXU, and is interested in transformative adult education, and participatory international development.

Nan Corrigan

Nan is the Coordinator of Faith, Spirituality, and Retreat Programming at Tatamagouche Centre. She is a Diaconal Minister, former nurse, and farmer with a deep commitment to the ministries of hospitality and companionship, and a spirituality connected to the cycles of life and the land.

Organizer:To Register: 1-800-218-2220 or www.tatacentre.ca

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