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posted by Steve Caines in on Apr 30, 2009 - View profile


Help save the view from Citadel Hill

Tuesday May 5 2009

Venue: City Hall
Address: Downtown
Cost: No Cost

The group "Help Save the View from Citadel Hill" is asking for public support to stop HRMbyDesign's proposed plan to remove existing policies that protect the view from Citadel Hill.

If the Mayor and Council approve HRMbyDesign at May 5th's public hearing, the view from Citadel Hill of the historic downtown Halifax and the Harbour could be blocked behind a wall of six to sixteen storey buildings.

Over 800,000 people come to the Hill each year. "Do Haligonians, Nova Scotians and tourists from all around the world that recognize this view as Halifax's brand icon know its under threat?" asked Peggy Cameron, Co-chair of the Friends of the Halifax Common. "HRMbyDesign must mandate more green space along with complimentary and exciting new development in the downtown without ruining our world-famous view."

At present there is over a million square feet of empty space in the downtown and several massive developments approved but not yet built. HRMbyDesign not only allows but encourages existing heritage buildings to be replaced with taller ones.

We are not going to have a green-collar economy without environmental regulations. In the new plan there's no green building codes, no green energy use and no sustainable transportation. "The problem with buildings over four-storeys" said Dr. Larry Hughes of Dalhousie's Energy Research Group, is "they reduce the potential for solar energy." Hughes recommends that new building permits be restricted to energy efficient buildings using secure, environmentally friendly energy sources. "How will a tall-building be habitable if it relies on an insecure energy source that's in decline, unaffordable or unavailable?" asked Dr. Hughes.

Inclusive, affordable housing is another mandate missing in HRMbyDesign. "These high-rise developments will continue to mean that the municipal government policy is displacing and marginalizing lower income individuals and families from the downtown, said Paul O'Hara, Chair of the Coalition to End Poverty in Nova Scotia, "and that's wrong."

Citizens are asked to support the "Help Save the View from Citadel Hill" group's effort by attending the public hearing at City Hall on Tuesday May 5th at 5:30pm or by phoning and writing the Mayor (490-4010) and individual councilors.

Organizer:To download photos, audio, video and more information go to http://www.halifaxcommon.ca/citadelview You can also join the Facebook Group: Help Save the View from Citadel Hill. Reply to: savetheview@hotmail.com

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Topics: Environment
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Save the View from Citadel Hill

YES! YES! YES! Halifax needs to have this world-famous view permanently protected! And the sad point is, it was supposed to be permanently protected! How horribly incompetent and absolutely scary for a certain group to come along and try to change this, "in their own self-perceived wisdom" to change things for their own greed! **Could this not be challenged in a court-of-law??** Tourists do not come to Halifax to see office buildings! Far from it! They come to see our glorious scenery[what's left of it!] and see our historical/cultural amenities[what's left of them!]. It is truly sad to see what has been happening to Halifax in the last couple of decades - the respect for our historical/cultural/scenic treasures is now almost extinct! Halifax Council should definitely abide by the existing status that the view is still under protection and so should always remain. There must be a provision implemented whereby people cannot EVER change the existing policies when it comes to our cultural/historical events.

This "proposed" monstrosity is grossly unacceptable and totally ugly. Nothing should be allowed to be erected that is over 3[three] stories max and this should only be allowed if, in fact, it does notn interfere with this famous view.

I have traveled throughout Western Europe, and many other places, and let me emphasize - I, and my traveling friends never, ever, gave one thought to office buildings and the like!! Far from it! We went to see and explore the scenery, heritage, art/culture of a place. Bedford is a beautiful place - me and my friends/family often traveled there just to enjoy the spectacular scenery - the drive home from work was actually relaxing so long as we could always see the view of the harbour - especially at Christmastime! Buildings should never be allowed to be erected on the "water side" of this highway and yet - there are some new "buildings" erected - it should never be allowed to happen!

The Commons should be permanently protected forever - NO Concerts or the like! Ever! HALIFAX NEEDS MORE GREEN SPACE! The concerts can take place somewhere other than the core of the city - which has always been space-limited! Halifax needs more parks!

When new residential areas are being "developed" there should be green space all around each "home". They are squeezed in - all trees removed - they are horrendous! The "developers" take all the trees away and then name streets after them! Developers should never be allowed to "fill in" lakes, etc., and then build on them!

If developers were as smart as they think they are - they would come up with ideas that would enable them to build on sites where they must accommodate the historical/cultural limitations into their site. Their need to destroy and build higher is nothing short of disgusting.

We must be viligant and protect our history/culture/need for more green space/sustainable transportation/solar energy.

All citizens have a right to enjoy their coastline/Halifax Harbour - Council has no right to give/sell this away to "developers". Once it is gone - IT IS GONE FOREVER! UNDISTURBED views of our beautiful areas is good for the soul - for us and for our future generations to come - these can never be measured in dollars and cents.

There should be bylaws in effect that a certain amount of green space/parks, etc., should be implemented and maintained when a certain amount of "development" is being "planned."

Nova Scotians also have a very bad habit of naming almost anything new  with "Queen Elizabeth" this and "Princess Margaret" that ... and ... "Nova" this and "Scotia" that - it really is depressing.

Again, it is a most serious matter when the "powers-that-be" try to change a logical and wonderful statute which had strived, and succeeded, in protecting the panoramic views from Citadel Hill[not to mention - at taxpayers' expense!]. This must not be allowed to happen - perhaps Ottawa would see fit to intervene in this matter - perhaps the Supreme Court of Canada would like to take this on! To forcefully steal this view from future generations would be justification enough!

The Citadel Hill grounds need protecting as well - to guard against concerts, etc.







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