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posted by asaied in on Mar 19, 2012 - View profile

Halifax, NS

The White Man's Burden

The New Scramble for Africa

- 8:00pm
Tuesday March 20 2012

Venue: Student Union Building at Dalhousie - room 303
Address: 6136 University Ave.
Cost: free
Accessibility: elevator available

Hakim Adi is an internationally renowned scholar of Pan Africanism, African History and Politics, and the African Diaspora.
The author of several important books on African Studies, he teaches at the University of Chichester in the UK. He is being hosted by the James Robinson Johnson Chair for Black Canadian Studies at Dalhousie and NSPIRG.

In the nineteenth century the European powers justified their imperial conquest, division and exploitation of Africa with high-sounding phrases about ‘the white man’s burden’ and their ‘civilizing mission.’ Their scramble for African colonies and Africa’s resources resulted not just in the impoverishment of Africa but also contributed to imperialist rivalries that culminated in World War I.
Today, following many years engaged in casting off the shackles of colonialism, Africa stands poised to break free from the economic dependency that has been one of the most damaging legacies of colonial rule and its aftermath. In the past decade six of the world’s ten fastest-growing countries were African. In eight of the past ten years Africa has grown faster than East Asia, and the World Bank reported that Africa could be on the brink of the same kind of economic take-off as that experienced by China and India in the past. At the same time the impoverished people of Africa are also demanding an end to all forms of neo-colonial oppression and the consequences of neo-liberal globalisation. It cannot be forgotten that the so-called Arab Spring actually began in Africa.
However, this situation has only intensified the rivalry between the big powers in Africa and their attempts to maintain their domination over the continent. The old imperialist powers have been joined by Brazil, Russia, India and particularly China, which are all contending for Africa’s mineral resources and growing markets as well as for strategic advantage. The new scramble for Africa is spearheaded by the big multinationals, by AFRICOM, the IMF and World Bank as well as by other means including economic sanctions and military intervention. As in the nineteenth the new scramble and imperialist intervention in Africa is justified by a variety of phrases ‘advancing security and stability,’ or ‘humanitarian intervention,’ or as in Libya by an alleged ‘responsibility to protect.’




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Topics: Peace/War
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