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Anti-War Protests Continue as Canada's Role In Libya Goes Non-Humanitarian.

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Anti-War Protestors At Spring Garden Library
Anti-War Protestors At Spring Garden Library

As Canada's role in the 'Libya-adventure' becomes increasingly aggressive in nature, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) organized a weekend of protests, at the foot of Barrington and Spring Garden, as well as at the Spring Garden branch of the Public Library. The protests, which took place on March 25-26, call for Canada's complete withdrawal from intervention in Libya.

Tony Seed is a long-time anti-war activist, Halifax candidate for the MLPC, and one of the rally's organizers. Says Seed:

“On Monday, March 21st, just five days before the actual election call and just two days after the first American-French air strikes, all the political parties in Parliament voted unanimously in favour of taking “all necessary measures” against Libya. This was truly extraordinary. Canada had not been attacked. Its "vital interests" and "security" are not involved. There was widespread controversy internationally and demonstrations had already begun in Canada. The "take note" session lasted "a couple of hours." Yet, not one MP thought this war is a bad idea.”

Seed is particularly incensed at the pro-war position of the NDP, ostensibly Canada's political 'voice of reason'.

“This (unanimous vote) included the Cruise missile social democrats of the NDP.” says Seed. “These parties universally accepted the concept that force is an acceptable tool of policy and to resolve conflict and that the great powers could "use all means necessary" against the sovereign country of Libya and its government, as provided by UNSC Resolution 1973. This illustrates the political degeneration and criminality of these parties and the unrepresentative parliamentary system.”

Seed continues:

“It would be funny if the consequences were not so tragic to hear Opposition parties support Harper – who they accuse of violating all their moral and ethical duties for 'contempt' of the House of Commons – for being 'moral' and 'ethical' for invading Libya. When we see CF-18 jets now bombing Libya it makes one wonder what their real nitpick is with the $30 billion acquisition of F-35 jets. It is not unlike the haggling of arms dealers over the price of an AK-47.”

As Election fever hits for the fourth time in seven years, the MLPC would appear to be the only option for the anti-war Canadian.

“We will make it the central issue in the federal election in Halifax and help create the space which Haligonians need to discuss within their own communities the type of society and world they want to live in.” says Seed. “Canadians do not want a pro-war government. It goes against all of our instincts and experiences as people who work every day in our communities to feed and protect our loved ones. The idea of waging aggressive acts against any people, Canadian or otherwise, is not acceptable and must be condemned. Canadians opposed U.S. Cruise missile tests in Canada in the 1980s and will not condone their use against the innocent Libyan people.”

“The concept that one can do nothing about such a war or that one's opinion is irrelevant is wrong. The establishment parties and media greatly fear the activation and clear conscience of Canadians. This is why they have conspired to remove the issue of war and peace from the 2011 election.”

While NATO and Canada become evermore embroiled in the Libya-adventure, the MLPC as well as other anti-war groups will continue to make their peaceful position known across Canada. 


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