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CBC's Maritime Noon fades away quietly

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CBC's Maritime Noon fades away quietly

Costas Halavrezos, the veteran host of CBC Radio's Maritime Noon, read a 33 second message at the start of the Friday March 27 program thanking listeners for their support. He noted that many listeners wrote and called with "many kind words" after hearing that CBC will soon be axing the program's current affairs hour and cutting the jobs of four full-time journalists. When the change takes effect, Maritime Noon will become a one-hour phone-in.

"It's gratifying to hear that you regard the stories and interviews and documentaries we present every day as a worthwhile service," Halavrezos told listeners. His announcement was followed by 28 seconds of upbeat guitar music and that was it. No further coverage of a story that affects every one of the program's many loyal listeners. No investigation, no analysis, no nothing.

Unfortunately, that's how most mainstream journalists act when the axe falls. They stick rigidly to the unwritten rule that journalists should not "cover themselves." No matter that the CBC layoffs and program cuts will seriously weaken journalism in the Maritimes --- especially in New Brunswick where journalists at the three CBC morning radio shows are also being cut. As a result, New Brunswickers will be forced to rely even more heavily on the Irving family's English-language newspaper monopoly for coverage of local and provincial issues.

At least the Maritime Noon Web page supplies e-mail addresses in case listeners wish to voice their complaints to the CBC managers who made this disastrous decision. I'll paste them in here: President Hubert T Lacroix (ht.lacroix@cbc.ca ), Executive Vice President of English Services Richard Stursberg (richard.stursberg@cbc.ca ), the head of CBC Radio in the Maritimes Andrew Cochran (andrew.cochran@cbc.ca ), Executive Director of CBC Radio, Denise Donlon (denise.donlon@cbc.ca ) and the Senior Manager of News and Current Affairs in the Maritimes, Janet Irwin (janet.irwin@cbc.ca)

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Funny how nobody has

Funny how nobody has mentioned that CBC in Halifax has 7 new managers.

Also most of the jop cuts are in Radio here locally and the said 7 managers are from TV.

And we dont know how much of a raise the all managers received with there new contract.

Important to note that managers have generously cut there bonuses by 50%.

Conservative cutbacks are

Conservative cutbacks are wrecking the country in all kinds of areas, this is one of them.

Maritime Noon

Is (was) a great show. The news couldn't be worse for high quality journalism in the Maritimes.

Funny, really, how the

Funny, really, how the conservative government seems eager to give financial aid to major car manufacturers so they may make it through this 'financial crisis'; yet they won't think twice about letting it's country's legendary radio station fall as its supports are cut out from under it.


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