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From the Margins - November 1st show description

Blog posts reflect the views of their authors.

FTM is on CDKU 88.1 fm, Monday at 8:00 pm, hosted by me. Listen online at ckdu.ca. If you want to hear it and can't listen at 8pm, check out the archives (see tab on left margin on ckdu website)

On this week's show, I'll have part 1 of an extensive interview with Chris Dixon, who is (bio): "a longtime anti-authoritarian organizer, writer, and educator who recently received his PhD from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He lives in Sudbury, Ontario, where he is involved with anti-war and Indigenous solidarity organizing. Dixon serves on the board of the Institute for Anarchist Studies and the advisory board for the journal Upping the Anti. He is currently completing a book, tentatively titled Against and Beyond, based on interviews with anti-authoritarian organizers across the U.S. and Canada involved in broader-based movements."

Our conversation centers around the subject matter of the book. We discuss the subject of clique-y anarchist/activist subcultures; both the necessity and lack of progressive social transformation; the debate about the centrality of the class struggle versus challenging intersecting forms of oppression and other fun stuff ...

about From the Margins:

FTM operates on the understanding that social problems are mainly rooted in the socioeconomic system, capitalism, through which social relations are controlled. The show features live and recorded interviews, recordings of presentations and all that good stuff. For the most part, the show focuses on local / regional issues, but will venture outwards in the case of events that resonate nationally / globally, such as the economic crisis.

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