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Occupy/Stop Harper

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I must say there are pros and cons that I see in the Canadian Occupy movement. First off, it is really nice to see people getting motivated to take action. It is also nice to see that these folks are willing to sit through meetings to help build a movement.

The problem I see with this growing movement is that in it's attempt to show solidarity with the Occupy wall street movement,it has actually lost the meaning of solidarity in all the enthusiasm. Solidarity does not mean copycat actions. I find it ironic that in a movement that is doing it's best to stay leaderless within their organizational structure, everybody seems to be doing the exact same thing as folks in New york. I feel like we have gone back to the summit hopping of the early 2000's

Doing the same thing as others is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as those doing the same action realize that each area probably has different reasons for doing the action and each area will probably get a different outcome.

We in Canada, are not the U.S. We do not have wall street and we do not have an unemployment rate that allows so many to  go live at the base camps that have been set up around the U.S. We do not have a tea party and we do not have a debt and deficit the size of Americas. One thing we do have in common with the U.S is, we both have leaders that are bought by economic interests.

Here in Canada, not only do we have a prime minister who is bought by economic interests,we have a prime minister that is a neo-fascist.  Haprer has either placed or tried to place muzzles on everyone from his own cabnet ministers to federal scientists to military brass to the judicuary. Harper and his conservatives have been cought in scandals time and time again weather it be Bev Oda,Tony clement or the rebranding of the "Canadian Government" to the "Harper government". The Harper Government Has cut funding to learning orgnizations and womens organization. One of the worst things The Harper Government has done is sided with big business when in comes to labor disputes, basically making collective bargining ilegal. The Harper Government Has done many more things to Canadian society that has moved it futher toward fascism, however to name them all would take to long..

Seeing that the Harper Government has a majority in parliment, even though only 25% of eligible Canadian voters voted for his party, it is a given that we can expect a futher move toward fascism. We can expect fighter jets, more prisons and more corporate welfare. With that being said, we can stop Harper and his facist party and we don't have to wait till our next visit to the poll booth in another 5 years to elect the neo-liberal NDP. We can take action now. First we occupy then we stop Harper. Let's move fowards to victory!!!!!
                                     aaron Doncaster




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