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Is this the end? (satire)

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so I was driving home after 12 this morning and maybe it was all the fog but I could not see anyone once dead or currently alive floating,flying or "caught up"the sky. It is very likely that christ will not show up either. It is possible that the rapture and the second comming are 2 distinct events.I think we will porbably see a bunch of muslims saying stufflike"so you spend enormous resources to promote crusades that kill us so that those of us left alive can believe in this bullshit?Whare are you fucking crazy?" I did however hear that the rapture is going to be on HBO. As long as those dead folk caught up, don't start screaming "brains"I will be o.k but as soon as that happens, I am implementing my zombie apocoplypes emergency plan.


so I am not too sure weather I am going to burn up in a lake of fire opr weather locusts will invade, unless ofcourse the muslims are the locusts then I think that has already happened. but I am confused about where the rapture fits with respect to the tribulation? Is the 22nd post-trib, mid-trib or pre-trib. I am so confused, I am starting to trib out



Appearently the seven bowls of the wrath of God have to be dumped sometime but I am not too sure if it is after the rapture or during the rapture. Will the rapture be seven years, like some christians think Danial predicted or will it be a thousand two hundred and threescore days, like the book of revelations says or maybe that is the tribulation and not the rapture??


At what point in this story to we get to see the antichrist. Who is the antichrist? Harper, Obama or Netinyahu? Maybe Osoma Bin Laden was the anti-chist and now that he is dead, tomorrow will mark the thousand year reign of the new world order,I mean peace on eath. I thought the antichrist comes after thne thousand year reign to fuck shit up in christian"peace"dom. I am so confused. So appearently we can still become christians after the rapture. appearently wall street bankers are going to convert after the rapture to make sure that chistians who are caught up, don't loose all their investments and properties to hethens during the tribulation. The bankers ofcorse would be great stuwards of all those properties and investments owd by the "caught up christians. This whole brewhaha could turn out to be the biggest ponzi scheme in history.


In conclustion, if I am still here tomorrow, I will report back

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