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A Thankyou Letter to Licia Corbella

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Dear Licia Corbella,


I am writing you today to congratulate you on exposing Neil Young in your article "Neil Young chooses his own comforts over his convictions".

Your ability to make one big Ad Hominem wrapped around a big Red Herring is ingenious. Some say that this cunning tactic of yours is despicable but the fact is your skullduggery is essential in keeping the rabble from getting out of control! People fail to realize that if the rabble were to get out of control and start making decisions independent of the ruling class and start having control over their own life, there would be chaos and anarchy.

The pyramid scheme of Capitalism is in place for a reason, and that reason is, it works!!! If workers were so good at having opinions and making decisions that were good for Capitalism, then they would be business owners or politicians; they would be invited into the exclusive cabals, the likes of  the CFR, Bilderbirgs and the Trilateral Commission, to name a few. The fact is they are workers, not CEO's politicians or members of elite groups that are helping to guide our world to a better tomorrow; they need to know their place. Capitalism starts to break down when the rabble start poking their nose where it should not be. The rabble needs to understand that there place is at work. Going to work and diligently providing the services and products that capitalism needs is honorable. Today's rabble have lost their sense of honor and this I am afraid to say is to the detriment of society

It is sad that people do not realize how important the tar sands are to the Canadian economy. Sure there is some explotation happening and some species may go exticnt, bet if we do not take advantage of our rich resources,like the tar sand, we will all loose out. We have been given a gift and it is wrong to slap a gift horse in the mouth!!!!

I want to say how impressed I am with your ability to obfuscate the truth in doing your best to avoid the whole purpose of Neil Young's' tour in your article, namely the law suits against Shell Canada and the federal government in a bid to prevent the expansion of Shells Jack mine. It is important that Canadians are protected from seeing what is really happening, not just the trial but also the exploitation, oppression and death that negatively affects those living in close proximity to the tar sands. In so doing, we prevent the elicitation of personal feelings that could override ones ability to make a sound decision. At times people will see through the obfuscations to realize that there indeed is a lot of exploitation, oppression, death and destruction that is happening with tar sand development and when this happens we need them to realize that the consequences of developing the tar sands are necessary if we want to continue to have the society we have. The tar sands are the motor of innovation and without them we will be lagging behind other countries who are innovating new technologies that will continue to improve our lives today and into the future.

when it comes to preventing man made climate change I want to say how in awe I am with your ability to shift the responsibility onto the consumer. If the rabble understood that the most strategic place to influence decisions is at the point of production and not the point of consumption then we might find ourselves in a revolutionary situation and we all know how dangerous that would be. If we found ourselves in a revolutionary situation then the rabble would start to think they are decision makers and not workers. Workers expertise is in working not making decisions. Could you imagine if workers started thinking they had a right to make decisions that effect all our lives?  If they did, they might start believing that direct action, civil disobedience, economic sabotage and political assasinations are effective ways in preventing the ruling class from controlling their lives.

Again, let me say thank you for your hard work. Your ability to control peoples minds and direct the discussion is impressive. your puppet masters must be proud.

                                                              sincerely, Aaron Doncaster

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