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A call to unite Anti-authoritarians and Anarchists against Harper and the Conservatives

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A call to unite Anti-authoritarians and Anarchists against Harper and the Conservatives
A call to unite Anti-authoritarians and Anarchists against Harper and the Concervatives
October 25, 2013 at 12:26am

Anarchists and anti-authoritans, generally speaking, understand that we humans can organize ourselves as communities and as a society without being forced to. Even as corporations and Governments continue to monopolize power, oppress and exploit the people, the fact remains that voluntary associations between individuals and groups can be seen in our everyday lives from interactions with roommates and families to collectives and co-operatives engaging in social interactions that encourage mutual aid, compassion and respect

For tens of thousands of of years societies existed in a state of volunteerism where force was not imposed and many believe we can live that way again

Since the colonization of turtle island and the creation of the colonial state of Canada there have been  many rebellions against the Government from anti-authoritarians and anarchists both. From the Acadian rebellions led by Beausoleil to the indigenous led North-west rebellion to Rebellions of 1837-38, there is a rich history of resistance to the crown and corporations.

With the death of the post war social contract and the rise of the neo-liberal agenda starting in the 1970's here in Canada, we have seen a marked change in how we are governed and how Government is structured.

The post war social contract acted as an armistice of sorts in a class war that saw the rising power of the working class threatening the existing social order. The concessions given, i.e, the post war social contract, by the Government were analogous to a double edge sword. At a time when the threat of revolution was real, the government needed to to placate the rising workers movement so rather then try to crush the movement, the Government hoodwinked the workers into believing they were given real power. Even though a certain semblance of workers power was achieved, the higher wages, better benefits and protections given to workers in the post war social contract were not aimed at giving workers more power to make political and economic decisions for the betterment of humanity,they were aimed at giving workers power as consumers.

Now that the post war social contract is dead, the workers have been thrown back into the wild west of the class war by politicians who have been bought and paid for by economic elites, like Irving oil,  SNC_Lavilin,  and South western energy


Harper and his Government have taken Canada from a benevolent plutocracy to a growing fascist police state. Harper and his government have made sure that rather than get the crumbs from the wealth created from our stolen labor, we get the crumbs of the crumbs of the wealth created from our stolen labor. Harper and his Conservatives are engaged in a nation-wrecking, anti social, anti-worker offensive. We must stop the Harper dictatorship!!!

From October 31st  to November 2nd Harper and his concervatives are having their National policy convention in Calgary. There will be rallies, marches and workshops where we can come together to not only say that a better Canada is necessary: one where we put people before profits and politicians, but also to further the building of rank and file, grassroots structures such as temporary alliences and federated networks that are going to be essential in building a Canada for the people!!!!!

All this being said, I feel it is vitally important that anti-authoritarians and anarchists from across Calgary and Canada show a strong presence at the events that are resisting Harper's tyranny and building a peoples alternative. Hope to see you there!!!
                                                         Aaron Doncaster
The following links provide information on events that we be happening that Anarchists and anti-Authoritarians  and progressives of all stripes can partake in.




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