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Miles Howe

October 20, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Mi'kmaq Warrior risks losing leg after being shot by RCMP rubber slug in Thursday's cop attack.

Internal bleeding went untended for two days due to shock.

» Story: by Miles Howe

October 18, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

RCMP bring 60 drawn guns, dogs, assault rifles, to serve injunction on the wrong road

After van, main blocker removed the night before, RCMP seem hell-bent for violence in early dawn encounter with Warriors

» Story: by Miles Howe - 8 comments

October 16, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Advisers to Chief Sock in Anti-shale gas negotiations are provincial government employees.

John Deveau - adviser - well-positioned to profit from talks, Indigenous unrest, resource development

» Story: by Miles Howe

October 13, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

"After 500 years, I am what the system has created. And I'm trying to break that cycle within my son."

On Thanksgiving, a Mi'kmaq Warrior at the anti-shale gas encampment in New Brunswick explains devotion to the Warrior path

» Story: by Miles Howe

October 11, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

As RCMP deny ambulance to burn victim, New Brunswick anti-shale activists remove blockade trees

Blockaded equipment not moving, aim of sending the frackers packing remains the same.

» Story: by Miles Howe - 2 comments

October 10, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Seeking answers to questions unasked

New Brunswick's ombudsman, Charles Murray, pays visit to anti-shale gas blockade.

» Story: by Miles Howe

October 9, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Selling the farm without the deed

Mi'kmaq Warriors Society issues list of 13 demands from behind blockade lines - brings into doubt legitimacy of Alward/Sock talks.

» Story: by Miles Howe

October 8, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

"It's hell. If you're looking to kill yourself that's one way to do it."

As hundreds gather at Rexton anti-frack blockade, Nina Was'te, co-founder of Idle No More, speaks on fracking.

» Story: by Miles Howe

October 7, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Anti-frack Letter of Opposition hand delivered to SWN's Houston office.

Mi'kmaq Warriors Society works in conjunction with Texas-based environment group

» Story: by Miles Howe - 3 comments

October 6, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Communication Breakdown or Double Cross?

Key anti-shale blockade meeting with New Brunswick Premier finds key invitees on the outside.

» Story: by Miles Howe

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