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Miles Howe


April 3, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

"I was never able to see Germaine Breau point the rifle at any officers."

Second full day of police testimony does not confirm a pointing gun

» Story: by Miles Howe

April 2, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

"My report writing is just sub-standard."

Crown's first 'eye-witnesses' take stand; inconclusive on gun pointing, cocktail throwing

» Story: by Miles Howe

April 2, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

"My function is not to negotiate"

The cross examination of Tactical boss Sergeant Bernard, as Mi'kmaq Warriors trial continues

» Story: by Miles Howe

April 1, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

"I was taught not to touch the water."

Vanessa Gray, from Aamjiwnaang First Nation, is first in series of Front line Communities interviews

» Listen: by Miles Howe

March 31, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Pleaded, Withdrawn and still up on trial

The rundown on the long list of charges thrown at Mi'kmaq Warriors Breau and Francis

» Story: by Miles Howe - 1 comments

March 27, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Premier Alward's 'Surprise!' governance style

New Brunswick Green's David Coon on forestry strategies, gas royalty regimes, access denied and the 'I' word

» Story: by Miles Howe

March 19, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Successful crowd-sourcing puts pro-choice ads on HRM buses

South House and Halifax Sexual Health Center raise money to counter pro-life "misinformation" campaign

» Story: by Miles Howe - 1 comments

March 11, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Weekly pickets target Israeli fizzy-water maker

Product of illegal settlements finds home at upscale Organic Earth

» Story: by Miles Howe

March 6, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Triangle Petroleum CEO drinks fracking waste water!

Company promises it can treat water, but Kennetcook, NS, residents still say 'Frack off.'

» Story: by Miles Howe

February 13, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

What to do with the Kennetcook Ponds?

Interview with Nova Scotia Minister of the Environment Randy Delorey

» Listen: by Miles Howe

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