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Talking to Emerans

Pirates abounded in Halifax today, both inside and outside Emera AGM

by Miles Howe

Two scurvy sea-dogs outside of Emera headquarters in Halifax. [Photo: Miles Howe]
Two scurvy sea-dogs outside of Emera headquarters in Halifax. [Photo: Miles Howe]

K'jipuktuk (Halifax) - Mutiny was in the air today in Halifax, both inside and outside the Emera Annual General Meeting. Screaming for de-privatized power, about 75 members of anti-capitalist action group Solidarity Halifax chanted and sang shanties outside of Emera head office, while shareholders on the inside decried the nose-dive in public approval their cash cow had of late been taking.

I had the opportunity to attend the AGM, and spoke with Chris Huskilson, President and CEO of Emera; John McLennan, Chairman of the Emera Board; Rob Bennett, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power; and Jerry Ackerman, reluctant Emera shareholder.

Please enjoy the following audio.


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bar baz


Re: muskrat falls is just the beginning...

Emera has been buying into Algonquin since '09. Algonquin own a private dam in NL which may have been privatized by Harper during the NAFTA / Abitibi expropriation case. The dam at Rattle Brook falls under the same legislation as the Star Lake Dam which was illegally expropriated by Danny Williams Gov't. Water Act was changed in '02 to reflect water rights whereas the original lease arrangement with Abitibi did not reflect a right but rather a lease arrangement. They are part of larger deal with SNC-Lavalin and the corporations trying to privatize canadian water via incremental steps in provincial legislation and under free trade arrangements. CETA will bring water services companies into NA from Europe and Algonquins sister company is Liberty Utilities (a water services company). They are lining up the water, better keep a close eye on 'em.


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