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Peter Kelly, Mayor of Halifax, on Occupy Nova Scotia

Embattled Mayor Speaks to Liberators at Parade Square

by Miles Howe

Mayor Kelly
Mayor Kelly

HALIFAX - Mayor Peter Kelly made an unannounced visit to liberated Parade Square today. Please enjoy some audio from that visit.

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Can you please post a longer

Can you please post a longer article about this? Did he speak to individuals? How did they react to his presence? How long was he there?

other topics?

Housing is important, so is food. 

At the same time it's to his credit that he has taken a benign stance to Occupy NS, Kelly has not exactly been an activist mayor when it comes to social concerns. He seems blind to so many problems.

I'd really like to hear Kelly asked about other issues in HRM as well, such as the allocation of tax revenue for multimillion dollar development projects that lack any demonstrable benefit to the population - and in fact take resources away from these basic issues (as well as transit, which is important for low-income earners) - such as the stadium, the convention centre, and redevelopment of heritage sites. The first two have won funding without any specifics being put forward, other than, ironically, dire predictions of success. Throughout N. America, convention centres and stadia consistently fail to yield revenue for local businesses and often fail themselves within a few short years. This sad fact has not stopped Kelly's enthusiasm.


Mayor Kelly seemed to show up out of nowhere and stayed in a far corner of Parade Square, as far as I could see. I was only alerted to the fact that he was there as he was about to leave, so he may have interacted with occupiers. But for the fifteen minutes or so that I knew he was there, he didn't wander around the Square, he just stayed put.

He definitely was speaking to anyone who approached him, but I don't think you could say that he was approacing anyone. I imagine he stuck around for about half an hour, all told.

Unfortunately, I'm not as versed as I'd like to be on municipal politics. I do understand the convention centre fiasco, concertgate, etc., but I kind of thought that trying to make him look bad on those things wouldn't really flush out any thoughts he might have on the liberation. Plus it's been done (see Tim Bousquet) far more in-depth than I could do.


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