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HUGE education cuts in Nova Scotia

An interview with an anonymous teacher

by Asaf Rashid

photo: Alex Smith
photo: Alex Smith

In October 2010, the Nova Scotia School Boards were asked what would be the impact of a $200 million cut in their budget, the equivalent 22% of their total pool. On December 7th, 2010, representatives from the Nova Scotia School Board Association met with the provincial Education Minister Marilyn More and the Deputy Premier Frank Corbitt. Afterwards, there was an ominous announcement of massive cuts.

Numbers that have been thrown out include up to 4,000 total staff slashed; 2,000 teachers out the door; hundreds of bus drivers off the road; hundreds more janitors and other staff given the boot as well; and, up to 70 schools gone. Even if this is just sabre rattling, these are some huge sabres. This is an interview with an anonymous teacher in Nova Scotia. His voice has been altered.


Recorded December 12, 2010


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