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Emera Under Investigation in Grand Bahama

Operation Grand Bahamas Presents Formal Complaint Against Power Supplier

by Miles Howe

Emera Under Investigation in Grand Bahama

As reported, in early November a group known as Operation Justice Bahamas visited Halifax on a fact-finding mission. They wanted to ascertain whether Nova Scotians, beholden to Nova Scotia Power's coal stacks, were feeling as much of a pinch on their monthly power bills as were residents of the island of Grand Bahama. Emera recently purchased the Grand Bahama Power Corporation, and amidst allegations of fraud, “guess-timation” on power bills, and random surcharges in power that destroy appliances, it has not quite endeared itself to the locals.

On November 16th, members of Operation Justice Bahamas presented a formal complaint against Emera to the Bahamian Prime Minister's office and the Bahamian Consumer Protection Commission. The Consumer Protection Commission is obliged to by law to conduct an investigation once the complaint is made. The complaint was accompanied by over 5,000 signatures from disgruntled residents of the island of Grand Bahama.

Please enjoy the following update from Troy Garvey of Operation Justice Bahamas.

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