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Canadian Boat to Gaza grounded in Greece

An interview with Miles Howe

by Palmira Boutillier

A Canada Day update from Miles Howe on the status of the Canadian boat to Gaza and actions that were taken against them today by the Greek authorities.

I apologize for the poor audio quality due to a rushed recording and poor skype connection.

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Topics: Peace/War
44 words
bar baz


UN report to be released July 7

It finds both that Israel's naval blockade of Gaza is legal and that Israel's interdiction of the flotilla in 2010 was legal.

I don't understand why you support people who mistakenly think they have the right to breach a legal blockade, and who are so paranoid that they assume that Greece buckled to Israeli pressure rather than choosing not to help a bunch of loons who are setting out to violate a legal blockade for political purposes.

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